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   Type KFMJ-D pneumatic hydraulic multi-functional cardboard laminator 发布日期:2017-9-25

Type KFMJ-D pneumatic hydraulic multi-functional cardboard laminator is another brand
new model (namely the four generation) developed firstly successfully by our Company on
the basis of type A and B, C it is an integration of pneumatic, hydraulic, photoelectric and
mechanical technology. Equipped with photoelectric counting, No-sheet detecting
function and full hydraulic device, it is adopted imported pneumatic, hydraulic and
photoelectric components with a capable of automatically controlling false actions, i.e. if
there is no paper input to either sides when laminating, the other side shall not be fed,
a voiding paper bonded on the big roller due to no paper laminated with the paper from
the single side after feeding and pasting, save the time to frequently clean the adhered
roller, therefore reduce the troubles , significantly cut down defect rate for laminating
paper, improve accuracy and speed for laminating paper.


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