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Name:KFMJ-C Paper Coated Machine 



KFMJ-C Paper Coated Machine

Beautiful in appearance compact in structure, small in size and durable in service life. Easy in adjustment simple in operation and convenient maintenance . Uniform in glue distribution, quick in bonding and strong in bonding force . Clean in surface with dirt and bonding sides. Automatic alignment, stable in quality, no shrinkage, easy obtaining correctness. Flat, beautiful, low moisture content, without moldy effect.  Low consumption of glue (0.01 Yuan per square meter), low power consumption, low in cost, high in efficiency. 4-45pcs/min (adjustable).  Applicable for various types of papers (not standard papers) and irregular papers.  High-accuracy in recombination, error:0.1-0.3 applicable for paper combination for special requirements. Surface of paper with non-effect (frosted, ice-flower, membrane etc). The hydraulic pressure device, with convenient operation available. Lacking-paper automatic stop.

Type  KFMJ-C  pneumatic  hydraulic multi-functional cardboard  laminator is another  brand new model (namely the three generation)  developed firstly successfully by our Company on the basis of  type  A  and  B, it is an integration of pneumatic, hydraulic, photoelectric  and  mechanical technology. Equipped with photoelectric counting,   No-sheet detecting function and full hydraulic device, it is adopted imported pneumatic, hydraulic and photoelectric  components with a capable of  automatically  controlling  false  actions, i.e. if there  is  no paper  input  to either  sides  when laminating,  the other side shall  not  be fed,  a voiding paper bonded on the big roller due to no paper laminated with the paper  from the single side after feeding and pasting,  save the time to frequently clean the adhered roller,  therefore reduce the  troubles ,  significantly cut down defect rate for laminating paper,  improve accuracy and speed for  laminating paper.  This machine also adopts the most  advanced  domestic hydraulic  technology  to complete   the whole  process of paper pasting,  bonding and laminating,  to  make even and little pasting to  better bonding effect. The  machine  is easy  to operate with  productive,  high quality,  smooth and beautiful laminated papers.   This machine  is  uncomparable  with any of  cardboard   laminators  in current  market, which is the most advanced multi-functional cardboard  laminator among domestic like products. It  is an  ideal special equipment  for  bonding and making high class cardboard and  cardboards for other applications used for various package boxes.

Model KFMJ-1000C
KFMJ-1150C KFMJ-1300C
Minimal size
260260mm 320320mm 320320mm
Maximal size
1110680mm 1260870mm
Thickness of laminating paper
100-500g 100-500g 100-500g
Laminating speed
4-45(piece/min) 4-45(piece/min) 4-45(piece/min)
Laminating accuracy
Tolerance0.1mm Tolerance0.2mm Tolerance0.2mm
Power supply
380/220 380/220 380/220
Power supply
2.2kw+0.75kw 2.2kw+0.75kw 3.2kw+0.75kw
Motor power
2.2T 2.3T 3T
Overall dimensions
203016401370mm 275017901460mm
Package dimensions(domestic)
216016701540mm 216019101590mm 286020801640mm
Package dimensions(exported)
217016801550mm 217019201600mm 287020901650mm


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